Special delivery:
a unique support program for expectant and new moms

Introducing Check on Mom, a one-of-a-kind program dedicated to helping you:

  • Feel supported during pregnancy, the fourth trimester (the 12 weeks that follow the birth of your baby), and beyond
  • Prepare for postpartum mental health using the Maternal Mental Wellness Plan: an organized way to make sure you take as good care of yourself as you will your baby
  • Build a support system, also known as a mom team: a group of your nearest and dearest who are committed to supporting your maternal mental wellness

Why Check on Mom Matters

Check on Mom is designed to help support your maternal mental wellness while you navigate the experience of motherhood, which can be both joyous and overwhelming.

What is maternal mental wellness?

Maternal mental wellness means you have the opportunity and support to prioritize your own mental health while taking care of a baby. It's not easy, and that's the purpose of the Check on Mom program—to offer additional support and resources.

What is postpartum depression (PPD)?

PPD is defined as a major or minor depressive episode that occurs during pregnancy or in the first 12 months after delivery and is one of the more common medical complications during and after pregnancy.

Risk factors for PPD include:

  • Family history of depression

  • Increased stressors

  • Hormone changes related to pregnancy

Learn the Signs and Symptoms of PPD. If you have concerns or questions about PPD, speak with your healthcare provider.

Know a mom who needs support?

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