For Mom Teams: How You Can Help

Mom team members are an important part of the Check on Mom program. This is a group of people Mom chooses who commits to help her during pregnancy and the 12-week period after birth, otherwise known as the fourth trimester, and beyond.

Mom teams can help recognize when Mom is experiencing issues with her maternal mental health and encourage her to talk with her healthcare provider.

What do mom teams do?

Provide maternal mental wellness support

Mom’s mental well-being is crucial. After enrollment in Check on Mom, moms can fill out their Maternal Mental Wellness Plan and share it with their team. This will outline some of their mental wellness goals for their fourth trimester—the things that bring them comfort, like taking a nap or finding time for a conversation with a friend. Mom team members should encourage open and honest dialogue and provide support without judgment.

The everyday to-do's

When a new baby arrives, ordinary tasks can feel hard to accomplish. Doing dishes, folding laundry, or other light housework like walking the dog, watching any older children, or bringing over a meal are all meaningful ways mom team members can offer support.