Check on Mom: How it works

Whether your baby is on the way or has just arrived, the Check on Mom program can support you by connecting you to community, resources, and inspirational content.

Being a new mom is challenging. That’s why the focus of the Check on Mom program is support for your maternal mental health as you navigate these new changes.

This program doesn’t replace medical advice from your healthcare provider.

What Check on Mom offers

Build your mom team

Rally your family, friends, or whoever you feel closest to and the Check on Mom program will provide them with tools, tips, and resources to help support you during your fourth trimester and beyond. From folding laundry to lending an ear when you need one, your mom team is your go-to trusted network of support in addition to your healthcare provider.

For moms who don’t have close family or friends nearby, Postpartum Support International (PSI) and the Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA) offer resources and support so you won’t have to go through it alone.

Maternal Mental Wellness Plan

The weeks and months after your baby arrives can be overwhelming. This plan helps you capture the most important things you'd like help with during that fourth trimester, because making a list of your personal needs, everyday to-do’s and postpartum priorities may help support your maternal mental wellness. Your mom team can step in and help you!

Postpartum depression (PPD) awareness

Once you make your plan, it is important for you and your mom team to also understand the signs and symptoms of PPD to know what to look for, and the importance of speaking to your healthcare provider.

Curated information & inspirational content

Check on Mom offers moms and mom teams personalized resources and inspirational content directly to their phones! Periodic reminders on how and when to literally Check on Mom and offer support, the signs and symptoms of PPD, and how to have a conversation about seeking professional help should the symptoms occur.

Live program support

Questions about the Check on Mom program? Call 888-428-1583 for live program support. If you have questions or concerns about PPD, speak with your healthcare provider.